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We provide innovative and effective dispute avoidance, risk management and non-adjudicative dispute resolution services.


We also advise on investment matters; fraud, corruption and other financial crime; and governance, regulatory and compliance issues.


We are a multi-disciplinary, multi-jurisdictional team comprising some of the world’s foremost authorities in their fields.


Many of us are lawyers – judges, barristers or solicitors – either based in Africa or with strong ties to the continent.


Although we focus on Sub-Saharan Africa, we are developing a growing presence in the UK and other common law jurisdictions. The diversity and pace of change in Sub-Sahara is generating an abundance of ideas and expertise with wide application to the international business community.


The African Financial & Economic Crimes Forum is an international initiative by EEE Lex, backed by more than seventy leading public and private-sector institutions from across the continent.


The Forum facilitates greater innovation, collaboration and realism in this field. It is a professional platform for the exchange of information, experiences, ideas and perspectives between all those who recognise the need for a more effective approach to the single greatest threat to Africa's future.

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