EEE Lex was originally formed in response to the need for more effective ways of addressing disputes involving Africa’s natural resources - oil, minerals, land, water and the environment.


We quickly uncovered a much wider need for innovative, practical, informed and progressive solutions to Sub-Sahara’s many law-related challenges.


We have since extended the scope of our services to include many other activities and issues, not restricted to either mediation or the resources sectors, particularly those with significant cross-cultural, political, financial and/or environmental aspects.


We have built up an extensive international network of distinguished advisors and associates, many of whom are among the world’s foremost independent experts in their fields of specialisation.


We have also developed a distinctive Afro-centric approach which takes account of factors which conventional Western approaches either reject or overlook. These improvements have wide application, far beyond just Africa, and have been widely hailed as a breath of fresh air.


EEE Lex is wholly-owned by its founding directors, who are committed to maintaining the firm’s political and commercial independence.

How we operate


As a multi-disciplinary group, our approach is inherently versatile and collaborative, subject only to the dictates of client confidentiality.


This generates more and better ideas; greatly inhibits silo-like analyses and unconscious bias; and ensures that clients’ commercial and political goals are not sacrificed on the altar of legal technicalities.


In all matters, our starting point is to understand clients’ objectives, perceptions and circumstances, and to apply these in the context of local culture and conditions.


Our advice is always subjected to two basic tests – one for common sense, the other for plain English.


We have a flexible fee structure, tailored to suit clients’ needs and circumstances. Whether we are engaged on a time-based rate, a project-based fee, a retainer or some other arrangement, our objective is the same: to provide exceptional value for money.


We readily work either alongside or independently from clients’ other professional advisors and in-house legal teams, as required.


We focus on what we do best, which is helping clients to benefit from innovative, appropriate and cost-effective ways of avoiding, managing and resolving risks and disputes.


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Our values


EEE Lex encompasses a rich diversity of expertise, perspectives and backgrounds. However, we share a number of distinctive values.


We adhere to the highest professional standards. We studiously avoid conflicts of interest, sharp practice and other similarly unethical conduct.


We are openly committed to promoting greater access to more meaningful justice, and to developing less adversarial and more constructive ways of resolving differences.


We are also wary of foreign attempts to define Africa’s “problems”. Such impositions are often as ill-informed as they are self-serving. They usually make matters worse, not better.


While we are fiercely independent, we are not impartial. Impartiality would amount to cynical indifference to Africa’s many harsh realities.


We do not take sides, but we do try to level the playing field between the parties to disputes. Consensual agreements only endure when all concerned freely accept a settlement as being in their best interests.


For similar reasons, we actively strive to address the challenges posed by the region’s environmental constraints and by its booming - and overwhelmingly young - urban populations.