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We have much experience of bridging the vastly different values, priorities and perspectives which often divide the continent and which have given rise to so much waste of life and opportunity.


We have seen at first-hand what does and doesn’t work, and we are familiar with the type of issues that can arise before, during and after any settlement.


We focus on sectors and themes in which we have exceptional insights, skills, experience and contacts. Some of these are outlined below.

Fraud & Financial Crime

Few areas of law are more affected by unconscious bias than fraud. It is probably the single greatest obstacle to its prevention, detection and investigation. Yet its significance is regularly and widely overlooked...

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Extractive Industries

Current approaches to Africa’s resource disputes frequently sow the seeds of deeper conflicts. They also deter investment, inflate costs, derail development, promote inequality, and encourage corruption...

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Bribery & Corruption

Anti-bribery and corruption initiatives in Africa are often undermined by double standards, populist rhetoric and bureaucratic muddling. Many of the purported solutions are unduly simplistic and may be compounding the problem...

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ADR & Access to Justice

Alternative dispute resolution procedures can generate huge savings in time, money and stress. However, few work as well as their proponents claim. The concepts are sound; it is their application which is often wanting...

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Cross-cultural Barriers

Globalisation has dismantled many barriers of ignorance and suspicion. But it has also created acute cross-cultural challenges. The resulting misunderstandings frequently give rise to needless, destructive disputes...

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Change Manangement

Experts on change management abound. Few offer much more than motivational talks and elaborate organograms, neither of which is especially helpful when seeking to overcome deep-seated fears and suspicions...

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Environmental Degradation

The extent of environmental degradation in Africa is matched only by the complexity, scale and urgency of the challenges which it poses. Unfortunately, many of the proposed solutions take no account of local realities...

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Corporate Governance

Many factors contribute to corporate governance failings. However, few are as fundamental or as pervasive as poor decision-making. Non executive directors, in particular, need to be more mindful of the risks of both agreement and ...

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