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Dispute Avoidance

Many organisations are adopting dispute avoidance strategies, realising it is better to avoid disputes than to try to resolve them later on. Yet they are finding that this is a lot easier said than done...

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Risk Assessment

Most well-managed organisations have elaborate risk management policies. However, in many cases it seems that few employees know what is in them, and fewer still understand their significance...

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Integrity Audits

Corporate ethics have become a major board-level issue. However, sound policies alone are not enough to ensure ethical behaviour: ambition can be as troublesome as irresponsibility and ignorance...

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Much business training is a waste of time and money – mainly because it isn`t really training at all. What many people refer to as training is actually education...


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Whistleblowing, negotiation, Case Assessment, Africa
Dispute boards

Dispute boards are ideally suited to the African business environment. Their growing popularity is only partly due to their ability to reduce the expense and time spent on disputes...


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Case Assessment

More and more organisations are seeking independent assessment of cases from suitably experienced figures with no interest in any aspect of any subsequent proceedings, and for good reason...

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Risk assessment, Mediation, Training, Africa

The difficulties involved in uncovering corporate misconduct are prompting many to accept that whistleblowing may be the single most effective way to deter, detect and disrupt such behaviour...

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In business as in politics, negotiation is a high transaction-cost activity. A single inept negotiation can undermine years of diligent corporate and/or career development...


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Around the world, mediation has proved hugely successful as a relatively quick, safe and inexpensive method of commercial dispute resolution. However, it is not without its shortcomings...

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