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We provide in-house workshops for organisations seeking customised training programmes, as well as occasional public courses.


We put great emphasis on individual prior assessment. This enables us to tailor each module to the participants’ particular circumstances.


There is no point in training someone to do something that s/he already knows how to do.  


Small, interactive sessions ensure the active participation of all attendees, who gain first-hand experience by undergoing a range of simulation exercises and role plays.


Our distinctive approach ensures that participants develop not only the skills, but also the judgment and the confidence needed to deal effectively with a wide range of relevant challenges.


Our trainers are all leaders in their field, and have decades of experience of conducting skills and other professional development programmes for both the public and private sector.


Moreover, to be effective, training needs to address the specific needs and objectives of both the participants and their employer.


Equally important is to ensure that participants learn how to apply their skills in their work environments.


Our training focus


  • White-collar crime, especially fraud, bribery, corruption and whistleblowing.


  • Governance and risk management, including change and crisis management


  • Negotiation and dispute avoidance


  • ADR, especially mediation and dispute boards


  • Cross-cultural dealings and unconscious bias

We will soon be starting regular accredited training courses for both dispute board members and cross-culturation mediators. We will be holding these in major centres across Africa, as well as in the UK, Europe and Middle East.


Please email us if you would like to be advised of the dates, as and when these are scheduled.

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